Lucee 5.3.8.x & rest API, no rest service for.. when port is not added


I think I’ve read most of the post regarding issues developers have come across with setting up REST with Lucee most of which go back a few years or old Lucee version like 4.x. Thankfully I found REST Services: Introduction and it was straight forward to setup.

I get an issue with I path to my api if I don’t add a port. How can I make it work without having to add a port or is it essential to add a port.

I created a website
Physical folder d:\luceeplayground\

I created my rest mapping in Lucee Admin (not web)
Virtual: /metrics
Physical : d:\luceePlayground\rest

I added a hander to my luceeplayground website
path: rest/*
type: BonCodeIIS.BonCodeCallHandler
name: Boncode-Tomcat-REST-handler

Using the code from Example-Code/Rest-Basic at master · lucee/Example-Code · GitHub
I copied system.cfc to d:\luceeplayground\rest\

this works

this returns no rest service for [/metrics] found.