Lucee (Final Release Candidate)

This will be the Final RC before STABLE, available via your admin or via

There are some improvements for MS SQL users since RC3. There is currently a problem with MS SQL extensions not being available for download, including 7.22, apologies, this will be fixed tomorrow.


  • LDEV-3465 - Regression: inherited static variables no longer accessible in child components

  • LDEV-3497 - Lucee Server Admin “Restart Lucee” silently 404s on second click

  • LDEV-3487 - mysql insert not returning the identity

  • LDEV-2904 - Non-Heap Memory Increases Till Server Crashes

  • LDEV-3030 - The cf_sql_sqlxml cfqueryparam type does not work in SQL Server with either JTDS or MSSQL driver

  • LDEV-3239 - cfhttp doesn’t support TLSv1.3
  • LDEV-3078 - cfdocument, images with data URLs don’t work in the body

  • LDEV-3127 - When using the MSSQL driver exceptions are ignored
  • LDEV-3102 - CFQuery value defined in name attribute is not returned when result is used

  • LDEV-3084 - regression, datasource session scope logging no longer going to scope.log

:rocket: Looks great!!!

My top 1: TLSv1.3 support for cfhttp. Now, if just MS would add TLSv1.3 to IIS… I’m already thinking about switching to Apache Webserver on Windows :confused:

There are some test installers available here for here (Java 11, Tomcat 9.0.46)