Lucee Error key [VERSION] doesn't exist

Hello, I am getting the error attached in lucee I shared the version information. Also I have coldfusion in my system

http: // localhost: 8888 / here is working but there is an error with the admin logins


OS: Wşndows 10
Java Version: 8 updatde 281
Tomcat Version: 9.0.35
Lucee Version:


Welcome to our community!!! I’m not totally sure what could be wrong with your setup. But when I have such an error inside Lucees Administrator I stop Lucee and redeploy the complete Lucee Server context with the following steps:

  1. Stop Lucee Service in the Windows services management console
  2. Go to /path-to-lucee-installation/tomcat
  3. Rename the directory /path-to-lucee-installation/tomcat/lucee-server into /path-to-lucee-installation/tomcat/lucee-server-bak
  4. Restart Lucee service in Windows services management console and wait about 50seconds. You’ll see tomcat create a new /path-to-lucee-installation/tomcat/lucee-server (server context)
  5. Try logging again into Lucee Server Admininstrator

If the same issue persist, post back. There could be other things that might cause the issue. You may need to renew you password by adding a password.txt with the password to the server context directory. But this we will go into later on.

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thank you, it’s nice to join the lucee community. Greetings from Turkey. I applied what he said. Lucee-server file has been rebuilt, but my problem persists

Ok. this solution posted in another thread might help also. Please try that:

Could coldfusion 2018 installation prevent this lucee from running on the current system?

I really don’t know because I never needed/wanted to run both engines in parallel. Maybe somebody can chime in that has experience with that.

But if I would need it, what I would do for sure is: run It with CommandBox. As far as I know CommandBox is the perfect software for this. It uses one servlet engine for both worlds, abstracting all settings by using a simple json configuration file. If you want to switch the cfengine, you just change the cfengine attribute in the json file. Also, it isolates each webroot into one and only servlet engine instance. Then it creates just one web context per imstance, so that no webroot would/could mess around with the other.

without modification and depending upon how you installed it, Yes that is the conflict.

Coldfusion executable deploys its on tomcat runtime which runs on the same ports.

Just modify one or the others port configuration to not be blocking, ie use a different port or bind it to a different interface all together :slight_smile:

I think the problem is related to the operating system language, we examined the status with @taskinsafa again, this error occurs when lucee is installed on windows with Turkish installation. In windows with English installation, a trial was made on the pc and server, no problem.

interesting, this error is coming from this line, which shouldn’t be affected by any language settings


could you dump out server.lucee in a test file and post it here?

I did some investigation, the only thing I found which might be causing this is if the root dir doesn’t exist and an exception is thrown.

The server scope would be missing the lucee, coldfusion, java, servlet etc keys?

Semih selam. Sorunu çözdün mü? Windows’u değiştirmeden…

Selam abi, yok çözemedik, çok defa kurup kaldırdım, dili sonradan değiştirmek te fayda etmiyor. server kurulumunu ingilizce yapınca düzeldi, ayrıca bunu lokaldede test ettim tr windowsta çalışmıyor ing te çalışıyor.

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