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Following up on the initial release, our second 5.3.10 release is mostly about further improving the configImport() support and minor bug fixes, including fixing installing extensions via an environment variable.

Available as usual via

Java 17 is not fully supported yet


LDEV-2871 - When there aren’t any debugging logs, show debugging status
LDEV-2900 - adding to cookie scope doesn’t inherit application cfcookie tag defaults
LDEV-3720 - Log trace of cflocation and allow option to Abort
LDEV-4261 - build must always display Caused by: sections of java stacktraces
LDEV-4297 - NPE lucee.runtime.config.ConfigWebUtil.loadAddionalConfig(
LDEV-4289 - configImport isn’t importing s3 mappings
LDEV-4306 - SetLocale(“English (UK)") does not set United Kingdom locale.
LDEV-4307 - ConfigImport extremely slow
LDEV-4338 - Admin - (Services - Cache) creating cache throws the error
LDEV-4381 - admin: "column name [otherVersions] already exist;lucee.runtime.exp.DatabaseException: column name [otherVersions] already exist

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any feedback, blockers to upgrade, etc?

You had to put that vibe out there, huh? j/k :sweat_smile:

5.3.9.x (a snapshot after final release) to = successful*. Updated via admin although we did get an error on one server (documented and not handy). A refresh and it was resolved.
We already had mitigations in place for the and will not need that yet. If anything changes or comes up we will let y’all know - that was the only outstanding issue affecting us.

  • as of the time of this post.

was the server being updated still processing traffic / under load at the time? I’ve seen that causing strange errors myself

Not really, we pull from the load balancer before doing maintenance and wait for requests to finish so users never know. Only ongoing load is a simple (Lucee is [up|down] #now()#) type of heartbeat request from the LB.

If interested I can start another thread related to the error. I’ve seen it occasionally across other versions and it feels like more of a timing issue - simply because of the occasional symptom.

can’t hurt

A post was split to a new topic: Installer doesn’t upgrade existing installations

Just updated one of our lesser used servers.

It’s only been up an hour, but seems trouble free.

Now, to replace Mura with Masa… :slight_smile:


All painless. Only issues we had were documented :slight_smile:


We have noticed that this release is having thread timeouts when under load.
Increasing max thread count to 1000+ still doesn’t resolve the issue.

Previous version seems to not have the same issue - works fine even on default 20 max threads

You maybe be hitting this problem [LDEV-4405] - Lucee

Are you able to try the latest 5.3.10 snapshot?

Latest 5.3.10 snapshot seems to have fix the issue. No more timeouts

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I am using lucee-, which version of tomcat and JAVA does it support? As far as my understanding is that only lucee installer has support for java 11 and tomcat 9.