Lucee 5.2.4+ / MURA 7 Java Heap Issues

Any other Mura users out there that have been experiencing issues with your java heap slowly incrementing (heap and non-heap). Since upgrading from I have been having constant issues. And it’s not necessarily that get heap errors, but that the CPU rails at 99% and the heap is at 85% and the non-heap is at 15% (or some similar ratio).

My logs aren’t showing any errors aside from some occasional issues with connecting to a twitter feed - nothing that I would think would lead to this.

On dev servers that don’t get any traffic, everything is stable and fine, but live servers will eventually require a restart. I’m having this issue on three servers; all running:

Win Server 2012 R2
IIS 8.5
Lucee RC
(upgraded from as I was needing to restart almost daily - haven’t go to 5.2/5.20-Final yet)
Mura 7 / MySQL

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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