Lucee installed on Nginx/Ubuntu - 502 Bad Gateway problem

I’ve been working on getting a stable Lucee installation up running for
some time now… I did the install using

I’m afraid that it wasn’t completely seemless but it seems to have resulted
in a working installation. The indication that the installation is working
is that I do get the “Congratulations… you are now running…”

But, alas, when I try to put up a simple test site I get the 502 Error when
changing my root doc from index.html to index.cfm. That is, the .html files
work fine… but now .cfm.

This is my config file

server {
listen 310;
root /web/;

Mod_cfml (Lucee) specific: add a unique ID for this server block.

For more info, see
set $lucee_context “”;

include lucee.conf;

Any ideas?