Lucee 4.5 -> 5 update problem

I followed the directions at
to upgrade a windows server 2012 R2.
When I was done, It did not work at all. Couldn’t get the admin page or any of my websites to work. I rebooted the computer, no luck. So I did a fresh install and had to set up all of my datasources and settings again. Wasted a lot of time. Everything works now. Too late for me but I would suggest enhancing those docs. There must be a step or 2 missing. Maybe add an addendum of what to do when nothing works after completing the steps.

did you look into any of the logs to see what the problem might of been?

what steps did you miss?
we have spend a lot of time, that updating simply is only one necessary step (replace the jar), all other steps are optional. Lucee even makes a copy (zip file) of the old structure, so it is easy to go back in case something goes wrong. But best is always to make a backup before you update, in case something goes wrong, then it is easy to go back and the logs most likely show you the reason why it was going wrong.

I followed all of the steps listed. Then Panicked because it knocked out an important website. I first went back to a backup of version 4.5 and things worked again. Then I updated to 5 using a clean install, and it worked perfectly.
I did not think of looking in the logs, and did not know it made a backup of the old structure… Perhaps this can be mentioned in the instructions:

IF after the update, websites do not work:

  1. Make a copy of the log file xxxx.log located in the xxxx directory.
  2. Go back to your old configuration by unzipping the zip file stored at…xxx to xxx
  3. Submit the log file to this online group for help
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I’m not sure how the directory structure is laid out in the installer version but I think that the upgrade docs need to be more specific about deleting/replacing the jars from the lib/ext folder.