LSParseDateTime bug

LSParseDateTime("1 novembre 2017","fr","dd mmmmm yyyy")
gives an error "Unparseable date: “1 novembre 2017”
but LSParseDateTime("1 novembre 2017","fr","dd MMMMM yyyy") works.
So the month is case sensitive. Perhaps better to make it case insensitive cost me some time to found out.

M = Month, m=minute. That’s how it is…

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Paul Klinkenberg

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There is some confusion because Adobe seems to use lower case mmmm for month, see:

Looks like…

ColdFusion (2016 release) Update 3:

  • You can use the masks t and tt to create a date/time object. For single-character time marker string, use t. For multiple-character time marker string, use tt.
  • mm is deprecated. Use nn for minutes.

Perhaps they moved to remove casing to make the config “simpler”?

As a general rule we try and do the “java thing” – unless it hits up against a specific ACF compatibility. It is something that would be considered for change under “compatibility” if you raised it as an issue in the bug tracker.