Lots of Love from Lucee at CFCamp 2018!

As you may know, Lucee Association Switzerland is one of the main sponsors of CFCamp 2018. In addition to sponsorship and help organizing the event, many Lucee Members and well-known Lucee community members will be presenting at the conference.

Gert Franz & Michael Offner (Lucee Founders, Rasia) @Gert @micstriit


Lucee Founders and Members Gert Franz of Rasia and Michael Offner will be presenting “Lucee 5.3 and beyond”. Lucee 5.3 has just been release and holds many new major features and improvements. Let’s have a look what the Lucee developers have in stock for us in the released version and what is planned for the future versions.


Gert will also be presenting “High-Performance CFML”. Updated Speed comparisons: Lucee 4.5, Lucee 5.2, ACF 2016 & ACF 2018. You will learn, what is fast and what not in Lucee and/or ACF, and what one can do in order to prevent slow websites due to slow code. This is an a/b testing with as much basic information as possible. In addition we will have a look at the latest version of the Rasia Tool ArgusCache and how it can help you improve the performance of your system.

Luis Majano (Lucee Member, Ortus Solutions) @lmajano

Luis Majano of Lucee Member Ortus Solutions will be presenting two sessions: one about RuleBox and the other about cbStreams

Luis’ session about RuleBox will talk about the modern and natural language rule engine for CFML.

Luis’ session about cbStreams will talk about the idea of streams to enable functional-style operations on streams of elements. He will also discuss in detail the differences between a stream and a structure.

Dom Watson (Lucee Member, Pixl8) @dom_watson

Lucee Member Pixl8’s representative Dom Watson will be presenting on the Preside Application Development Platform. Preside is an incredibly powerful application development platform. Yes, it can be used to build websites and has awesome CMS capabilities, but these are just a subset of its features and can be completely turned off.

Igal Sapir (Lucee Member, 21 Solutions) @isapir

Lucee Member Igal Sapir of 21 Solutions will present “CFML is Java” where he explains how to use the Java aspects of CFML to fine tune your application’s performance, write more performant code for those places where every microsecond counts, or develop applications faster by utilizing one of the many available FOSS Java libraries.

Saravanamuthu (Lucee Member, MitrahSoft) @cfmitrah

Lucee Member Mitrahsoft’s CF Mitrah will be teaching us how to create websockets from scratch. WebSocket is a standardized computer communications protocol, providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. There is also a standardized API. The WebSocket API is an advanced technology that makes it possible to open a two-way interactive communication session between the user’s browser and a server. With this API, you can send messages to a server and receive event-driven responses without having to poll the server for a reply.

Brad Wood (Lucee Member, Ortus) @bdw429s

Lucee Community Contributor Brad Wood is presenting “Command Line Tooling via CFML”. If you have been in the CFML community long, you have heard of Brad Wood. His exceptional contributions and helpful input make him a favorite developer to meet at the conference this year! Brad will cover existing command-line tools as well as show us how to write our own command line tools directly with CFML!

Andrew Dixon (Lucee and CFML contributor) @andrew

Another well-known Lucee and CFML contributor, Andrew Dixon, will be presenting on the “Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)”. He will give an overview of all of the ECS pieces and how they fit together to run and scale containerized applications on the AWS platform.

PS. Do you already have your tickets? Learn more about CFCamp2018 at https://lucee.org/get-tickets-for-cf-camp-2018.html

There will also be some exciting items in your swagbag from Lucee Members and Supporters! Stop by the Lucee table and say hello!