Lose Slack for CFML, move to Rocket.Chat

I’d be interested in doing the ground work to get a rocket.chat instance up
and running to replace slack.

This would allow the message history to be stored long term and delivery a
system that we could even customise further for our own needs in the cfml
community. This could be a huge win for the community.

My question is whether this would be better placed as a ‘lucee association’
maintained server, as this would make sense from a long jepardy point of
view, and also as it seems to be the only authoritive group of cfml people
around with an ability to make rational decisions.

I’m sure you might even know someone who could look after this, but I’m
also willing to put my hat in the ring on this one if there isn’t a hosting
company that sees the long term benefit in having a ‘hosted by x’.

If LA, isn’t interested, I’d still be willing to throw it up myself if
there is enough support in the community for the move, and we could hook
slack to it initially so that messages are synced.—

The server reqs would be:

VPS (recommended)
Dual Core (2 GHz) 2 GB RAM 40GB of SSD
The above virtual configuration, when not over-provisioned by provider, can
accommodate small deployments of up to 500 users, up to 100 concurrently
active and moderate level of mixed uploads, sharing, and bot activities.

[9:45] https://cfml.slack.com/archives/water-cooler/p1469576749001439
https://rocket.chat/docs/installation/paas-deployments/ … sounds worth a
whirl… anyone else interested?
Rocket.Chat Docs - PaaS Deployments
Rocket.Chat Docs