Looking for Help with Lucee Server

My small company is running Lucee on Apache 2.4, on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Ent VM, which is on a host box we lease out of Michigan. There is an ACF VM running in there as well (never a problem!), and MS SQL Server running on the host. We also have two email servers (SmarterMail) at the same location.

We are looking for someone in or near our time zone (US Eastern) with the skills to assist on projects periodically, as well as to check in on a regular basis to review logs and other data points for code issues, security incursions, and other problems.

This person will be deeply knowledgeable about ColdFusion, and specifically Lucee CF, both from the coding perspective and server configuration. Our main business is hosting local small business websites running on a CMS we wrote, currently at 265 live sites, five of which are official Town websites, and almost all customers are less than a 30-minute drive from here.

Presently our Lucee server goes down about once every two weeks and I need to go in and restart the VM. Locked solid. The developer we were working with before is no longer available, so we are coming to this community dowsing for new talent. Something is up with our configuration, or likely my own code, and I need help routing that out and bolstering the server’s availability and redundancy. We are planning a large local marketing campaign this winter, so now is the time to button this thing up.

The initial job will be inspecting and reviewing our current setup and either making recommendations for a pivot, or helping shore up what we have and cleaning out bugs and bad configurations.

Please contact me via PM with your skills, some sample work, and hourly rate. For reference, our previous developer was charging $60/hr and to date we’ve never needed him more than ten hours in a month. This next level of development and improvement will likely need at least that in initial hours, with a guarantee of at least two hours a month in regular forensic check-ins and other server admin duties, in addition to continued server development and coding assistance. We pay immediately upon receipt of invoices.

Our company is our future, and we are working to build it into something big. The right person could parlay this into something worthwhile to all.



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