Looking for help diagnosing *very bad* Intermittent OOM Events

I’ve moved from a very, very stable ubuntu 18/lucee 5.4 set up to a new ubuntu 22.04/lucee 6 setup. Everything was installed to defaults. It has been an absolute, unbelievably challenging nightmare for the last week trying to get things to work. I’m on an AWS Lightsail (EC2-like) instance, 2GB of RAM, 2 vCPUs, 60 GB SSD.

I keep getting intermittent OOM events in which all of my network traffic comes to a total standstill. My monit process is the only thing that can rescue it by forcing a restart. I installed the most recent version of Lucee and linked it with Apache2. Again, all defaults, nothing weird, very normal install.

Mostly I am at a total and complete loss for how I can analyze what’s contributing to this memory issue. I am getting absolutely nothing useful out of the /var/log/syslog, /var/log/kern.log, catalia.out, etc.

I am mostly asking here if anybody has any suggestions on ways that I can produce actual logs that will help to diagnose what is going wrong here. I can not seem to figure out in any way what is contributing to these memory issues. I can’t find heap dumps anywhere, I just can’t find anything that is going to help me figure out where this issue is coming from

Any ideas on things I can do, here?

OOM is “out of memory”?

What are your lucee settings for memory (check in /tomcat/bin/setenv.sh)

You could try using Fusion Reactor to get insight into what is going on inside the server:

They have a free trial that you could use to try to figure out the problem.

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