Log viewer

I don’t understand how to read the Lucee log files. The ‘log’ pages in Admin don’t seem to contain a reader, and on our server, Plesk does not contain access to the log folder. What is the usual way to look into the log files?

I use vim from the command-line. It’s the same thing I use to check Apache or mail server log files.

Also, by “Lucee log files” I am assuming you mean “Tomcat log files”. :wink:

I think it is the access to the application.log, scheduler.log and exception.log that are inside the WEB-INF/lucee/logs/ folder.

I know when using blue dragon this was a handy feature to have although as you become more accustom to VIM using G to jump to end of files etc it does make it a lot easier than using the cursor / page keys to navigate.

Try this extension, I haven’t published it yet

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Should this not be included as default in the Lucee install, seems a bit silly not too include it as default. Users would still have the option of using another tool if they want.

The ethos seems to be to only package what’s needed and use extensions for adding more (especially from Lucee 5 on, with its underlying osgi-based modularity).

It’s understandable, but when it comes to an admin feature like this, perhaps a variation would be to offer a placeholder for such a feature (where it might reasonably be expected to be sought by a user), and offering there a link to get/add the extension.


@carehart I like that idea… along those lines, showing the available uninstalled datasource providers on the datasources pages would be also very welcoming to new users.

Regarding the my extension, alas, it only handles the default logging setup (via a text custom parser) at the moment, not the new datasource logging option in 5.3 https://www.rasia.io/blog/logging-to-the-database-with-lucee-5-3.html nor the alternate log adaptor formats/options.

I’d really prefer if the lucee log adaptors offered both write and read via an API