Log Analyzer 2.4.0 beta

Change log for 2.4.0

  • collapse long stack traces
  • wrap long lines
  • add search and reload to view log
  • renamed details to analysis
  • fixed crash viewing individual detail record
  • added page titles
  • always include the plugin stylesheet for each template
  • fixed sortable header colors (clashed with bg)
  • bumped the version to 2.4.0

You can download the .lex file to try it out

after it’s installed you need to append &alwaysnew=1 to the url so the plug in shows up
due to this bug https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-1022

Is there anything special required to get this working besides dropping the lex file in the deploy folder for Lucee to find?

I did exactly that but it keeps getting moved into a failed-deploy folder. Not sure if anything gets logged somewhere when this occurs. I see the bit about appending alwaysnew=1 but is there a specific page to do that on?

you can just upload the lex via the extensions page in the admin (bottom of the page)

There’s a much funkier total v3 rewrite version here, I just haven’t got around to
adding some analysis stuff in as I got distracted

Thanks. I didn’t know about the ability to upload. So after that, do I access it from the link under plugins still? Seems I get a blank page in the admin when clicking that.

yep you access it from the link under plugins

did you try the alwaysnew=1 tick? the behavior with extensions stuff is a bit hit and miss at times,

maybe try restarting lucee?


Ok cool. I’ve tried both of your suggestions with no success :frowning:

um, did you have the old version installed? try uninstalling that first

I did have it installed previously and uninstalled it prior to trying this out. I am wondering if having the previous version installed first is what’s causing my issues now.

are you trying it from the web or server admin?

I just tried it on my local dev, the web admin still had the old plugin installed after I removed it from the server admin (but I’d been developing the plugin on that server, so it might be in an inconsistent state

I’m trying from the server admin. I never set it up from the web admin.

are you on win or mac?

this is what my server context plugin directory looks like

Linux :slight_smile: My directory looks the same.

ok, that’s good, so to recap, you’re getting a blank page when you click on the log viewer link under plugins.

Which version of lucee are you running? does the heading Plugins - Log analyzer show, or do you see just nothing?

Correct. I am running and I do see heading you describe but there is no content in the body of the page.

Thanks for all of your help so far.

thanks for your patience… as it’s all just cfml, do you wanna try throwing a cfhrow in overview.cfm?

Sure. I’m gonna be turning in for the night here shortly so I’ll follow up with my findings when I get the next chance.

was the url for the blank page the following?

from the server admin, it redirects to that page if there is no context selected, but it only
shows the selector when <cfif request.admintype eq "server"> is true

try dumping out that variable in contextSelector.cfm ?

the underlying assumption is that request.admintype is either web or server

new build is up defaults to the serverContext and shows a warning when adminType isn’t web or server