Local Commandbox/Tuckey rewriting to Shared hosting

Locally I use Commandbox/Tuckey to rewrite urls.
Now I am putting the website to a shared hosting environment.

The rewriting does not work at the moment and I asked support if they can set up the server side.
Is anyone familiar with such a setup, and is it possible to setup rewriting with only access to the Lucee web?


Setting up rewrites depends on the web server in use by your shared host. Surely they know how to do this, but you really haven’t said what rewrites you are using. The out-of-the-box CommandBox rewrites for most MVC frameworks, or some custom rewrite file? We have IIS, Apache, and NGinx examples of the standard Coldbox-style rewrites in the Coldbox docs that you can use on non-CommandBox servers.

If you have custom rewrites, well we can’t help you with those unless we know what they are, but any hosting company worth their salt should be able to help you there.

is it possible to setup rewriting with only access to the Lucee web

I don’t understand this question. Did you mean to ask if it was possible to set up rewrites that only apply to a single web site? The answer to that is yes, but your hosting company should know how to do that.

Thanks. I needed some custom rewriting for a website without a framework.
I solved it with this post: