loadComponent for multiple instances?


I am developing a Java application that uses embedded Jetty to host Lucee so that the core functionality is able to be provided by an existing CFC module.

The application calls PageContext.loadComponent(“blah”) to create an instance of said CFC. This works perfectly and methods can be called on the returned Component without issue.

However, when calling PageContext.loadComponent(“blah”) a second time, to create an instance for another company, I get this very unusual stack trace:

lucee.runtime.exp.ApplicationException: The Lucee dialect is disabled, to enable the dialect set the environment variable or system property "lucee.enable.dialect" to "true" or set the attribute "allow-lucee-dialect" to "true" with the "compiler" tag inside the lucee-server.xml.
	at lucee.runtime.PageContextImpl.notSupported(PageContextImpl.java:959)
	at lucee.runtime.component.ComponentLoader._search(ComponentLoader.java:128)
	at lucee.runtime.component.ComponentLoader._search(ComponentLoader.java:113)
	at lucee.runtime.component.ComponentLoader.searchComponent(ComponentLoader.java:75)
	at lucee.runtime.PageContextImpl.loadComponent(PageContextImpl.java:3201)

This seems to happen after the PageContext that created the first instance is released using CFMLEngine.releasePageContext(context, true).

Is this a bug? Or am I going about creating multiple instances of a Component from Java the wrong way?