LOAD DATA INFILE not allowed


Converting an app from CF to Lucee. OS is Windows. Database is MySQL 5.5.62. Everything seems to run ok under Lucee but a crucial part of the app is that data are imported from txt files:

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '#importfilename#' INTO TABLE bulkimport

That works (with the same database) with CF - but Lucee says “The used command is not allowed with this MySQL version”. Before I added the LOCAL parameter, CF said the same but now it works in CF. I did not expect Lucee to behave differently here. What is wrong? do I need another MySQL driver?

Adding “allowLoadLocalInfile=true” to the connection string doesn’t change anything.
Adding “local-infile = 1” to my.ini doesn’t change anything.

I can’t believe how intransparent this is.



I’ve checked it with the lucee5.3.2.77 & & it throws an error as like you said. Latest version for MySQL connector doesn’t work under the lucee. But downgrade the MySQL Extension into 8.0.14, It works fine & data inserted into the corresponding table and this is the workaround for the issue.


thank you !!


Filed a new bug for this issue https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-2311