ListAppend/ListPrepend bug? Neither works

schedules = getDevice.schedule;   // = 7248724872487248724872487248  
writeOutput(valueList(getTimerSchedules.schedule)); // = 6472647264726472647264726472
listAppend(schedules, valueList(getTimerSchedules.schedule));  //should append one list to the other, but
writeOutput(schedules);  //  returns 7248724872487248724872487248
schedules = valueList(getTimerSchedules.schedule);  //timer rule schedules
listPrepend(schedules, getDevice.schedule);  //master on/off schedule

Doesn’t work either :confused:

You need to overwrite the schedules variable with the result of listAppend():

schedules = listAppend(schedules, valueList(getTimerSchedules.schedule));

This is one that still catches me out from time to time as well.