Line debugging would be awesome

Line debugging would be awesome


@Zackster how do you think that feature (LDEV-1402) will be adapted by the community?
Is it supported by Sublime for example?

@micstriit It is supported by IDEs that support JSP.

I personally use Sublime Text for most of my CFML development, but if another IDE had a line debugger I would switch to it.

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I was also a long time sublime user, I switched to VS Code a few months back and I’m far happier with it
than sublime, there is a wonderful range of extensions for code.

As most of the community is probably also doing a fair bit of javascript development too, many would be quite familiar with using a debugger, and would be loathe to switch back to an IDE without debugging after they have tried it.

Would this allow setting break points inside the lucee server java code as well?

(can we split this sub thread into a new thread @modius?)

To elaborate on IDE support, VS Code does have a line debugger with a general overview of its debugging capabilities detailed here and the Java-specific one is detailed here with the extensions and Java Debug Server open source.


these poll results POLL: Which IDE do you develop Lucee code with? are quite unexpected!

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I am one of the “other” voters. I use Notepadd++

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That is quite interesting! Might have to give that a check as a debugger is what I have been missing since I switched away from Eclipse based IDE’s

Want to move to VS Code but man, it’s difficult since the cfml plugin is so awesome !

I normally use,sublime text or notepad ++ or cfeclipse or ColdFusion Builder


Please be sure to upvote the JIRA ticket so that your vote can make a difference.

The link is at the top post above.

After looking into this further, I will point out that once the debugger is implemented into Lucee, you would only need to write a debug adapter that adheres to the Debug Adapter Protocol. Any editor/IDE that supports that protocol, such as VS Code or Eclipse, would be able to utilize the adapter. As for implementing a debug adapter, probably the best option right now is LSP4J.

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There is also the Redhat Server Connectors