Learning CFML

I’ve managed to install Lucee on my development platform and am hoping to learn CFML in more depth. I have used CFML at a basic level (in a procedural sense) and would like to learn more about Object Oriented Programming and CFML. I have experience with HTML, CSS, SQL and some PHP but I find most of my solutions by hacking code together. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? I would like to be tidier in my solutions and coding!

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Here are some resources on modern CFML:

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Thanks again!



Mark Drew

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There’s two parts to the problem:

  • learning and improving general programming principles, and;
  • understanding how lucee as a programming environment implements them

Anything that teaches good programming will be helpful. Then you have the vocabulary to look up Lucee references that apply to those techniques.

In addition to the great references given already I’d add:

A project on working specifically with lucee

Ben’s blog is full of goodness

The Lucee documentation project

c/o @Zackster
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Thanks Mark