Launching Lucee in new MacOS install

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macOS Big Sur 11.7.10:
Java Version: ???
Tomcat Version: 8.5.98
Lucee Version:

I have Lucee running successfully on my Windows 10 desktop and I’m now trying to set it up on my Mac Laptop. I’m following the “Installing Tomcat and Lucee on Mac OS X using Lucee War file”. from the site.

I’m at step 5 (Create a file…). I used the example shown but it fails with errors on lines 1 & 2:

./ line 1: {rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf2580: command not found
./ line 2: syntax error near unexpected token }' ./ line 2: \cocoatextscaling0\cocoaplatform0{\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 HelveticaNeue-LightItalic;}’

I don’t understand what any of that means. I should also say that I’m fairly new to macOS. Anyway, I decided to enter the comands one by one into the terminal but I was confused by line one which was commented out but was suggesting to export CATALINA_HOME but other lines in the sh talk about CATALINA_BASE. This was all well above my knowledge level but I plowed on. I exported CATALINA_HOME, set the path for CATALINA_BASE and executed the last line beginning with EXECUTABLE. It failed because it knew nothing about a ‘run’ command.

Apart from taking this project on, where else have I gone wrong?

Two thoughts:

  • First, as for the error, and given the reference to font names, I wonder if it’s a copy/paste issue. Those lines from that step 5 in the guide seem to be html-formatted. Depending on your browser and (more mportantly) your editor, you may have slipped in far more than just the lines shown. Can you double check? And what editor are you using? What do you see if you cat the file?

  • Second, rather than that rather cumbersome (multistep) tomcat and war deployment process, consider trying instead the Lucee Express edition, which is far simpler and runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Sadly if you’d found this page on installing Lucee on Mac, while it links to the page you found, it does not (currently) mention the Express edition. I’ve just put in a PR to address that.

Finally note as well that that last page DOES suggest one more alternative you could consider: running Lucee on Commandbox, which obviates the need of any lucee/tomcat install or zip extraction/setup. It does require becoming familiar with Commandbox, but many would assert that’s a valuable lesson which can then be applied to deploying Lucee and CF in powerful ways that will repay the effort.

Many thanks for the response - I’ll work on it.

OK, downloaded lucee express, opened the zip file and am told to simply execute the file path-to-lucee-express/bin/ but I can find no such file!

When you say you “opened the zip”, do you mean you extracted it? And when you refer to path-to-lucee-express, are you saying you looked at that folder to which you extracted it (which should have folders like bin, conf, lib, logs, and more)?

Is it that it does not have a bin folder? Or that in that folder there are a couple dozen files, but none of them is That would be odd.

All these should indeed be there. To be clear, I just downloaded the, the file for the version you refer to (and currently the latest offered version), and they are indeed all there. If you don’t see all these, perhaps try downloading it again.

Thanks again for your input. I was stupidly looking for a file beginning with “path-to…”!! found and executed…tomcat running.

Executing from terminal gets a response of “Tomcat started” but Activity Monitor doesn’t show Tomcat!?

You’ll probably see it as a Java process, instead. Let us know.

More important, do you find the lucee admin to be available?

Well, Java is running but no Tomcat. I can’t find Admin. I expect it to be in the downloaded Lucee Express folder.

OK, found and opened Admin. Tomcat IS running, I believe even thought it doesn’t show in Activity Monitor. My belief stemmed from the fact that my program wouldn’t run. Then, I discovered it now has an error which wasn’t in my Lucee on Windows until I just re-installed (same as MacOS). The error is that the tag cfajaxproxy is no longer supported. So, now I have to figure out how to workaround that.

Had to come back 'cos I decided to remove lucee and install same as my Windows system but how to completely remove lucee/tomcat/apache from Mac?

go to System Uilities
Go to Terminal
Go to WhereEVertheHeckYouiNstalledit "usually cd /Applications/Lucee
type in rm -rf /lucee
hit enter.
Hit yes if prompted

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Got it! Many thanks.

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