Kabang Lucee 5.3; ACF Compatibility

The principal focus of Kabang is improvements to the Administrator and Debugging

ACF 2018 Beta was recently released. It’s not possible to be completely compatible in such a short time frame, but this is important for many users of ACF and Lucee. So the LAS team has already started chipping away at the list of features and changes Adobe are soon to introduce. Kabang might be more compatible than you realise…

ACF 2018 Compatibility


Already Supported

Lucee already supports a lot of features new to ACF 2018:

  • Supporting Closures in Tags
  • Abstract Components and Methods
  • Final Component and Methods
  • Optional Semicolons
  • Support of other Cache Engines (Memcache)
  • Adding your own Cache Engine
  • Full NULL support
  • Data type preservation (no setting to disable)
  • Named Arguments with (Build In) Functions
  • Member Functions on String Literals
  • Functions ArrayFirst, Arraylast, QueryDeleteColumn, and QueryDeleteRow

Newly Supported

  • Null Support can be defined in Application.cfc via (this.nullSupport=true)
  • Adding an Alias to match named argument names used by ACF
  • Member Functions for Numbers
  • Typed Array

Try it out!

Get your hands on the; released at May 7, 2018:

And let us know what you think :thinking:

Note, Beta and Release Candidates are a preview for upcoming versions and not ready for production environments.

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