Json Web Token (JWT) library


I’m very interested in JSON Web Token (JWT) and would like your recommendations on which library/component to use with Lucee. For the moment, I’m looking at Ben Nadel’s component but it dates back a few years already.

I found this one too :

And I’m messing around with another component whose source I forgot. I’m having fun with all that, I haven’t made my choice yet. At the end, I would like to be able to use a library that is maintained and reliable.

Thank you!

There are several libraries on ForgeBox for this which should be the first place you look :slight_smile:


We use cbsecurity in our ColdBox apps which includes JWT support.

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Thank you for the link to forgebox.io. I found this one that look pretty simple and I tried it. It worked.

Gonna make more tests and compare the code and features with others libraries.