Join Us at cfObjective() This Week

cfObjective() 2017 is almost upon us! Join the motley crew of LAS Members and friends in Washing DC next week for the premier US :us: CFML GabFest.

July 20-21, 2017
National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

LAS locals, Europeans and Antipodeans are all meeting up to talk tech in America’s capitol.

On the schedule…

Gert Franz (Rasia) @Gert

  • Debugging Applications - Write Your Own Debugging Template
  • How To Write Super Fast CFML Code - Step By Step

Geoff Bowers (Daemon) @modius

  • Docker in Development
  • Docker in Production

Brad Wood (Ortus) @bdw429s

  • Design Patterns: Common Solutions to Common Problems

Eddie Ballisty (BlueRiver) @eddie_b

  • Docker Swarm - Automation and Orchestration at Scale

Gavin Pickin (Ortus) @Gavin_Pickin

  • 3 Ways to Test Your ColdFusion API
  • An Exercise in Cleaner Code - From Legacy To Maintainable

Luis Majano (Ortus) @lmajano

  • Automate Thyself
  • CommandBox + ForgeBox: Code, Package, Share, Go!

Eric Peterson (Ortus)

  • Making Modules: Utilizing Reusable Code Through ColdBox Modules

Not to forget lifetime supporters like…

Mark Drew (CMD) @markdrew

  • Getting Started With Docker
  • GraphQL and CFML

PS. It would be great to put a face to many of the names we interact with daily. If you are interested in an informal Lucee catch-up let us know, and we’ll shout out our local haunt… once we know where that is :wink:

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And your fearless Product Manager (yours truly) will be there, too. Please feel free to pull me aside any time for any and all Lucee confab. As a native Chicagoan, where the main political ethic passed down the generations is “vote early, vote often,” I’m am totally, completely susceptible to bribery via drink. :wink:


Well that was a lot of fun :slight_smile:

PS. We might have to look at running some sort of conference of our own! Lucee Con anyone?

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