Jira embeds not showing titles

Heads up, I have raised a ticket with Jira, a recent change shows the project name as the page title briefly on load, this breaks the forum embeds here

an example being ( see the - Lucee, rather than the task title)

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Your embed above looks correct to me-- it has the ticket name in it. I think what you’re seeing is only shows while typing your message. Here’s a screen cap of what I see when I paste that JIRA URL into the editor window in Discourse while typing a message:


Edit: ok so I hit save to see what I would see-- the URL above doesn’t expand to anything for me-- so perhaps that’s what you mean? I’m guessing Discourse isn’t finding the correct metadata on the page so it’s just showing no preview at all?

nah, it’s just typical, lets be silly with javascript by atlassian…

like blue links which aren’t actually links and can’t be right clicked…

discord just calls the url, it doesn’t run the js, so the initial html content is the result

Got it-- so JIRA is ajaxing in all the details of the page on load-- but we need at least the oembed metaddata to be in the initial page load.

yep… at least they reached out via twitter when I complained and raised a ticket for me on my behalf

I’ve been bouncing emails with Atlassian support over this, apparently this is change was meant to be user friendly

Just to give you more context from our end, the intention of this feature is to make easier to find an issue in case you have multiple issues showing in different tabs on the browser, but this is only filled after a full load.

as they say, vote early, vote often!