JavaScript Frameworks


I have been out of the web development for a decade and things are very much different.
I typically made web applications that simply posted to the server for everything (CF) and had very little front end scripting besides html / css.
Now things have changed for the better and I can do a lot more in the front end.
In particular AJAX, however I find javascript unbearable, jquery a little better but still I pretty much hate it…

Am I on the right track that I should be developing my entire front end in html with a JS library and using Lucee merely as the data access layer, endpoints etc…

and… what libraries would be recommended that aren’t terribly painful…

I am thinking ext.js or angular.js but have little experience in either…


Have a look at vue.js for this. it might be less painful.


In my opinion: No.

You should use JS for progressive enhancement, so that it can make the user experience better, but your application should still function without JS.


so this would mean posting forms to the server as opposed to AJAX.?
Also multiple page apps…?
not much different then from what I always did?


It also depends what types of applications you are doing. The big thing in web development at the moment are PWA’s Progressive Web Applications.

People are using front end frameworks as the web is moving increasingly mobile and single page apps are being used more and more (if you are making apps)


so I think I am back then to where I started in that the modern approach is “Single page apps”.
as in not a physical cfm page but the single load of an interface from the server and the navigation, data interaction all done client side, talking to the data layer…

so that said…
any advice on front end technologies.
we are stuck with html / css of course but its the javascript framework that makes all the difference…

I have already a suggestion for “vue”