java.lang.OutOfMemoryError JVM Heap Size

We are running into this error when trying to process a very large CSV, essentially data transformation. I have read that we need to adjust the JVP Heap Size. When I hover over the tray icon, it says Heap: Not Set. I have seen posts about adjusting in Tomcat, I have read the Lucee Docs but where it says to adjust i do not see it anywhere. Example, Tomcat is not in our start menu, Now i am reading to create a setenv .bat file? We installed this lucee server using commandbox and created a self contained site. Any help would be appreciated as I think this would also help speed up performance. The server itself has 16 gigs.

Since you’re using CommandBox - there is no Tomcat install.
The LUCEE documentation is all about using the LUCEE installers, or manually utilising the LUCEE JAR/WAR.

CommandBox uses Undertow not Tomcat.

When you start the Lucee server via CommandBox you can give it a “heapSize” argument to set the value you want.

Here is mine I use locally to set the heap to 2GB. CHange the values to suit your needs.

server start name=myLuceeServerName port=80 heapSize=2048 openbrowser=false cfengine=lucee@

Just to add to the answer from @Gavin_Baumanis, you can also set this value in your server.json file:

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Thank you for all the information. Just what i was looking for!