Issues with writing new extension for Lucee 5

I am writing new extension for lucee to make ehcache work with terracotta cluster. I am extending the existing Ehcache extension to make it work with terracotta cluster. I am using
ehcache 2.10.3
terracotta 4.3

I include the dependencies in the libs folder of the extension but lucee does not like any jar files that are not available on maven repo. It keep giving me this error

I think it is because lucee always tries to download the dependencies from web rather than using the libs packed in the extension.

Could you please fix this so that lucee resolves dependencies from the libs folder rather than always trying to download from web?

I have also tried to add the dependencies to the bundles folder but lucee does not load the jar file. Lucee loads those jar files if I copy them to lucee-server/contenxt/lib folder. Please see attached screenshot

Is there a way to force lucee to load the dependencies?

Any help is much appreciated.

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