Issue with XMLFormat

As posted on the CFML Slack, but logging here for possible future reference.

I have a large API call via SOAP that should return 447KB in size. If I log the response out to a file prior to returning the SOAP response, its 447KB. If I log the output using the request content capture in Fusion Reactor, its 224KB and matches what I’m receiving in SoapUI, I cant work out what is truncating the request. I tried looking for possible Undertow settings that might be doing this, but it all seems to be size restrictions for incoming requests.
Using Commandbox v5.9.0, Lucee
Anyone have any idea where I can look for something that’s truncating the output?

The data contained a control character GS (group separator) and the output was being formatted with XMLFormat(). This didnt raise any errors, but truncated the output at this point.
Changing to encodeForXML() resolved the issue.

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