Issue with LSisDate?

Using Lucee:

Have an issue with lsisdate(‘2022-12-01’,‘english (uk)’) equating false when it should be true (us locale equates okay)?

Has this been fixed in later versions?

@ASKemp lsisdate('1999-12-31','english (uk)') returns ‘false’ in the lucee latest version too.
So can you please file a incompatibility bug in Jira:

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@ASKemp BTW uk stands for Ukraine ( in locale terms of JAVA ), not for United Kingdom… What locale you actually wanted to have here ?

Would be United Kingdom. Locale as output by getLocale() is ‘english (uk)’ for United Kingdom.

English (uk) will not be converted to United Kingdom’s locale on Lucee/JAVA. The valid locale for UK should be en-GB


But ACF uses SetLocale(“English (UK)”) to set to United Kingdom

ACF could have been some customizations… As we already have locale ( en-GB ) for UK… I don’t think, we need to have a custom locale that ACF supports…

Are you set the locale English (UK) using setLocale()? Or is it set by Lucee by default ?

It’s not a custom locale, it’s what ACF uses to set ‘English (UK)’ - CFDOCS - It’s what our application has always used, i.e. <cfset SetLocale(“English (UK)”)>, we’ve converted it over to Lucee and would naturally assume it adopted the exact same locale values.

The underlying Java is beside the point. I’m using ColdFusion, irrespective of the underlying language.
Anyone using <cfset SetLocale(“English (UK)”)> in Adobe ColdFusion would expect that <cfset SetLocale(“English (UK)”)> in Lucee does the exact same thing - why wouldn’t it? It’s a fundamental setting for localisation.

<cfset SetLocale(“English (UK)”)> should be interpreted as “en_GB” just as <cfset SetLocale(“English (US)”)> is interpreted as “en_US”

from SetLocale (

Same on SetLocale - Programming ColdFusion MX, 2nd Edition [Book] ( (granted, old but fundamental)

getLocaleInfo() is also working as expected… So it should have been considered as a compatibility issue.

Please raise an issue on

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[LDEV-4305] - lsisdate(‘1999-12-31’,‘english (uk)’) returns ‘false’)

[LDEV-4306] SetLocale(“English (UK)") does not set United Kingdom locale. - Lucee (

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@ASKemp [LDEV-4306] - Lucee This issue was solved with the lucee version

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Excellent, many thanks for the quick resolve.

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