Issue with graph.cfm on non-existent file

I’ve seen related issues come up e.g. (Error graph.cfm), but in my case, I am getting hit by a hacker that triggers calls to graph.cfm with made-up GUID image names - no idea why - like ~400,000 times day and keeps changing IP when I block. So my logs and papertrail are swamped with the stack trace from this exception from the graph.cfm code…

<cfif structKeyExists(url,"img") && structKeyExists(url,"type")>
	<cfcontent file="#GetTempDirectory()#/graph/#listLast(url.img,'/\#server.separator.file#')#" type="image/#url.type#"><cfsetting showdebugoutput="no">
	<cfheader statuscode="404" statustext="Invalid Access">

He does provide a url.img and a url.type - so the 404 is not triggered.
The exception is
“file or directory [###/web-contexts/11972343f64841658ff7fb11ba374fbd/temp//graph/05549805-2105-4502-ABA2C8E18A1359AF.jpg] does not exist;lucee.runtime.exp.ExpressionException: file or directory [###/web-contexts/1197728df64841658ff7fb11ba374fbd/temp//graph/05549805-2105-4502-ABA2C8E18A1359AF.jpg] does not exist”

Originally I thought it was tied to some lucee bug where the “//” in temp//graph was the issue - but actually that seems irrelevant as lucee can figure that out. Lucee (quite reasonably) just throws an exception because the file isn’t there.

The only idea I have is to alter graph.cfm on my servers to add a check to see if the file exists (and check it whenever i upgrade), unless anyone has a better idea.

There was an similar issue filed at jira dealing with that marked as resolved and deployed.

However, the link provided in the ticket still throws an exception because of the same cause you’ve mentioned.

I’d do a workaround just as you suggested.

I’ve created a bug in Jira LDEV-4260 access graph.cfm with invalid query string throws file not exist error


Fix merged into, and

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