Issue with Extract() and gzip

I’m attempting to extract a gzip file using extract() on a Windows machine. This works fine:

extract(‘zip’, ‘’, 'C:\temp');

This results in ‘C:\temp (Access is denied)’:

extract(‘gzip’, ‘fullpathtogzipfile.gz’, 'C:\temp');

All I changed was the file and the format. This happens for a specified folder or the folder returned by getTempDirectory(). I’ve tried setting adding “Everyone” will full access, to no avail. But, considering zip files work fine, while gzip files do not, this doesn’t seem like a user access issue. The gzip file opens fine with 7-Zip.

Windows 11
Compress Tags (also tried

looking at the test case, I think for gzip, it’s expecting a full path for target?

Yep. That was it. Thanks!