Issue with createPageContext in custom extension

I am developing a Lucee extension and am running into an issue when I restart Lucee from both the Lucee GUI and programmatically using the cfadmin tag. In one part of my extension I need to call createPageContext on an instance of the CFMLEngine but I get an exception on line 173 of that says Index 0 out of bounds for length 0 From what I can gather is that there is no ServletConfig registered on the engine instance. I will only receive this error after restarting Lucee from the GUI or programmatically. On first boot of the server though everything works great.

The function I am calling that will execute the extension code is inside of the onApplicationStart method.

In my extension I am using @isapir library GitHub - isapir/lucee-apps: Allows external Java code to interact with Lucee applications and am basing a lot of the extension off of his lucee-websocket extension as well.

I am using the official Lucee docker image lucee:

a stack trace and code sample would really help

it sounds like you are doing something too early, before the the context is (re) started ?

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@bdw429s I believe you may have come across this issue several years ago based on an issue I found. [LDEV-1405] - Lucee you posted a stack trace in the comments which it seems to line up with the outdated version of this file Lucee/core/src/main/java/lucee/runtime/util/ at fbb3551d34490bcb643495696885d0668927b615 · lucee/Lucee · GitHub I am having the same issue where it is trying to access a config that isn’t registered with the current thread. Did you ever find a workaround for this?

Nope, never found a work around. And as you can see from the comment thread in that ticket, Micha closed the ticket even though it wasn’t fixed simply because I said I had “given up” on solving a specific part of it.

Can you please provide a stripped down example, I.e a git repo which demonstrates the problem?

Reproducible issues can be addressed…

I wish it were that simple. The problem is that it requires installing NATS Jetstream and setting up a stream and subjects similar to how RabbitMQ works since NATS is a messaging system. I know not everyone is willing to install additional software on their machines to troubleshoot issues for someone else.

You may have luck just using the minimum Java necessary to create a native thread outside of any 3rd party lib.

var CFRunnable = createDynamicProxy( 
	new CFRunnable(), 
	[ "java.lang.Runnable" ] 
var myThread = createObject( "java", "java.lang.Thread" )
	.init( CFRunnable );


// Wait for thread to finish

And CFRunnable.cfc has this

component {

	function init(){
		// Pas anything you need your runnable to have into the constructor and store it here
		// The code in this method runs inside of the main HTTP thread

	function run(){
		// The code in this method runs inside of your native Java thread
		writeDump( var="Running from Thread-land!", output="console" );


Now you can put whatever logic you’ve been using to create your page context inside the run() method of the CFRunnable component.

Also, a shameless plug for this ticket of mine which would solve all of this nonsense with a built in feature: