IsObject & IsNull both return true - Lucee

The behavior below seems like a bug for isObject() function. Using Lucee

isNull(javacast("null", 0)) 
isObject(javacast("null", 0))

Both return ‘true’. Wouldn’t it make sense that the isObject() function should return ‘false’ if the value is null?

And maybe this is intended as it could break compatibility between CFML engines. It didn’t seem intuitive to me.

What is your setting for “Null Support” at /lucee/admin/server.cfm?action=server.compiler ?

And more importantly, what do you get if you change it from the current setting to the other option?

My setting was “Partial Suppor”. I changed it to “Complete Support” and there was no change in behavior. Restarted the server just to make sure change was applied and still no change.