Is there a way to bundle to create a local app

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Im trying to see if this is possible. I want to develop a webapp, that can run like a app, where the person can run a start file (maybe a batch file). This would start lucee and MySQL DB). This would then then offer them a link to browse. Something like a localhost:8080, in a browser with no browser menu), or i can create a subdomain on a domain pointing to

I hope people understand what im after?

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What you’re describing is certainly doable to an extent. I’ve never done it personally and I’m not sure of any limitations or how restrictive you could really get with the browser from such an approach.

Another way would be to check out Electron which would allow for a native and more robust app experience that can spin up a local instance of Lucee either through a batch file or via CommandBox (see CommandBox.js and cfml-electron). There’s also this example project, that connects to a ColdBox app API, I put together for a conference topic for Into the Box but it currently will not start up correctly as I am working through some updates for it.

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Will have a look at it, Thanks!!