Invoke built-in function programmaticaly

I’m trying to invoke a built-in function programmatically, preferably without using “Evaluate()”

cfinvoke( method="echo", returnVariable="ret") {
    cfinvokeargument(name="", value="myValue" )

dump(var="#ret#") //shuld return "myValue"

get this error:

variable [echo] doesn't exist on line 4

any hints?

Just saw this post… Not really sure what you are trying to do with it… Is echo always going to be the builtin function you are calling? If so, i’d use a simple cfsavecontent inside a function (as cfscript) and do it without cfinvoke?

Something like:

public string function callBuiltInEcho( myValue ){
   savecontent variable="result" { 
       echo( arguments.myValue );
return result;

ret= callBuiltInEcho("doo");
dump( ret );


But I’m not really sure if this would help, because I really don’t know what you are trying to achieve.