Introducing The "Lucee Admin Language Editor"

It has been a long time since I wanted to create a little “Language Editor” to add new languages/translations to/for the Lucee Administrator. At the moment there is German and English available. There is also a Dutch-resource-file nl.xml and a swiss dialect ch-be.xml available in the Lucee source, but these still seem to be unfinished.

Lot’s of us would just love and need to have the Administrator in their own native language: With the “Lucee Admin Language Editor” it should be much easier to create new languages to later PR it to the Lucee Administrator Source at Lucees repository. If anyone wants to try out the Editor and start adding languages, here is the repo:

You just need CommandBox preinstalled.

To start just:

  1. Download the Zip-Folder from the “Code” button at GitHub - andreasRu/lucee-admin-language-editor: A simple editor that helps adding new languages and translations to Lucee Administrator Extension
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip folder
  3. Open a terminal session (e.g. cmd) and change into its “webroot” directory
  4. Type: “box server start”

This is still in development, so in case you find some issue, I’d love to hear about it.


Sounds awesome - unfortunately, I only speak one language :frowning:

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Hi Andreas,

It’s a very good idea ! I participate willingly

I duplicated the project and tested. The editor is simple and easy.

I am starting to translate from French, how can I integrate the language? If I add the fr.xml file in the folder


and restart commandBox, I can’t see the result in administration?

It’s a sample googletranslate for this time :wink:

fr.xml (151.7 KB)


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Thank you so much for the feedback!!! Great you like it.

I have integrated a button yesterday that should inject the language into the admin automatically by saving it and afterwards clicking the “view in server admin” button in the language header. Did you try that? Was that button already available in your version?

It works on my windows machine, but I’m not sure it will work on other OS. I had some problems injecting the code, but then I managed it to make it work. Could you confirm that. If you get some errors, you might need to remove the language cookies.

Otherwise we still need to find out the best way. I had difficulties first trying to load it, but I managed to fix it on my machine.

I’ve loaded your translation… that is how it’s looking:

However, I’ve seen that a value was traduced: locale and the result was an error in the admin, because it will try to call a cfml locale function in the action=server.regional section (see the code here). Because the translation is a non-existing locale in Java, it throws an error.


I already like the rendering of the printscreen!

Test in private browsing too.

Yes I clicked on the button here, but no translation yet:

So I upgraded from version to snapshot version

I now have this:

The translations I made them with a small piece of CFML code with the Google translate API. This allows you to “quickly” give a first rendering. But yes I have to go through the texts, it can be a literal translation.

I will continue to search, but there I have no more time today… I will come back later.

Thanks for showing and sharing all this.

Can you try deleting th Lucee_Admin_Lang Cookies in your chrome dev and try again? I’ll look how to get this working later. But deleting the cookie from your browser should resolve this.

@INDCSarl Just to let you know: I did several fixes and various enhancements to the editor. These errors shouldn’t throw anymore.

I’ve just added a Lucee Admin Plugin as an Extension with Spanish for testing before PR’ing the es.xml file to the Lucee Core Repository. If anybody wants to take a look it here it is: (Please test it on a clean instance and NOT in production, cause I’m a noob in Lucee Plugin Development :upside_down_face:):

F1A3EEAF-5B7A-499C-9656DE3E103C8EA9.lex (33.9 KB)

And here is the deep link to the extension at the Lucee Language Editor Repository.

Lucee might need a restart to activate the plugin.

Proud to announce that after the launch of Lucee6 at cfCamp23 in Munich, I have finally launched an online version of the Lucee Admin Language Editor. There, you can try downloading the LanguagePack Plugin (beta) extension that includes the Spanish version for the latest Lucee6 Snapshot and a Language Switcher. I’m certain that translations may be facilitated in the future through modern emerging AI capabilities, but for now, that is still not the case.

The new version of the tool has the following functionality:

  • Adding new admin text properties for seamless language integration with conflict warnings.
  • ChatGPT prompt creation for AI translation assistance.
  • Viewing/updating/saving the JSON files directly as JSON source.
  • Search button for searching properties in the Lucee Administrator Source in the GitHub repository.
  • JSON View button for visualizing property and value.
  • Empty/missing translations are highlighted in red.
  • Normalization/property sorting during “Saving”: As the English version (en.json) of the “Lucee Core Source” serves as the master set for the properties of any further language, the JSON file is stripped of invalid properties and sorted to ensure easy JSON comparison across all language resource files.

Here is the online version:
Lucee Admin Language Editor

Hope you enjoy it!


Great initiative!

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