integrate Lucee to wampserver

hello, i am using windows 10 pro 64bit. i have successfully installed Lucee version and wampserver version 3.2.6. booth are running well.

question: how to integrate Lucee to wampserver? then i can access .cfm and .php in one folder/site

regard and thank you

Hi @bahapalbanar Welcome to our Community.

I’ve never used/tried the WampServer with Lucee, but I wrote/added a XAMPP installation to the docs:

I think it should be very similar. If you have an Apache 2.4. Webserver running on your windows and also Lucee, the connection procedure might be just the the same as shown from Step 17 of that instructions.

Hope it helps and let us know!

hello, thank you for reply.

i want to follow step 17, but i don’t find “httpd-ajp.conf” file in wamp server,
can you please to advice me in detail
thank u

I don’t have time to take a look into that right now. Where does the apache installation of the Wamp package end? Apache on windows is a wide spread distribution. You need to look where that installation and configuration files are for Wamp. You may need to google for that a little. Ot is very likely that all this configuration happens within the httpd.conf file.