Installler fails on WIn10Pro

I’m getting symied every way I try to install Lucee when it comes to datasources. Can anyone help me or point me to a resource I can read,please?

I’ve used Command Box and that’s wonderful but it gives no help where there is no datasource already set up in Lucee. I dont know how to set up a datasource in Lucee. All the texts and help I’ve found say things like “First set up a datasource using the Lucee Administrator”

So i figured that against experienced advice I’d try setting up the full Lucee server on my machine. I installed from the Lucee Installer (lucee- and that goes great and then falls over at the last hurdle. I said “no” to “install the IIS Connector”, figuring that’s probably like ColdFusion was and I’d work that connector thing out next. But then I get the following error: “Failed to install service.” “Failed installing Lucee service. The specified service already exists”

Would this be a remnant from a previous attempt? where might I look to either get around this failure or get rid of the already existing service first?

yeah, you need to uninstall the existing install first

Yes i figured that, and so far I’ve done that at least half a dozen times. (Or I thought i had - obviously i missed something) I’ll have another go at removing Lucee completely and starting again. But unless i can see a way to install Lucee including the IIS connector I’m screwed.

It’s been 4 days now.

Mike Kear

I am getting increasingly frustrated that the progress towards being able to test all my sites before beginning the migration is just not happening.

I manage 11 sites regularly here and others on an infrequent basis. I really need to be able to switch from working on one to another. I’m getting conflicting advice on how to accomplish that, but now I’m of the view that i’m best to set up a full Lucee server with connect to IIS, which is what my production environment will be.

That will be roughly similar to the ACF environment I’m leaving behind

I’ve just rebooted again, checked that there is no C:\Lucee directory, no Lucee or Tomcat or Apache/Tomcat services running ( or even there but stopped ) . I run the installer (lucee-
I take all the default options on the installer and get this error.

Problem running Post-install step. Installation may not complete correctly
Unknown error while running c:\Lucee\AJP13\Connector_Setup.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /LOG SP- /NOCANCEL /NORESTART

When i look at the Tomcat log item, i see:

[2022-05-01 10:32:09] [info] [16640] Apache Commons Daemon procrun ( 64-bit) started.
[2022-05-01 10:32:09] [info] [16640] Installing service ‘Lucee’ name ‘Apache Tomcat 9.0 Lucee’.
[2022-05-01 10:32:09] [info] [16640] Service ‘Lucee’ installed.
[2022-05-01 10:32:09] [info] [16640] Apache Commons Daemon procrun finished.

In my Task manager there’s no service i can find looking like 'Tomcat" or “Apache Tomcat” or “Lucee”

What the HELL and I missing here? I keep hearing how wonderful Lucee’s going to be for me, But it just reminds me of my first attempt setting up ACF under IIS - that took 2 weeks till finally someone gave me the answer I was looking for.

I feel sure i’m missing something really REALLY simple. Can anyone see what i’ve got wrong?

Mike Kear

Just to address this real quick-- there is nothing special or different in CommandBox about how the Lucee admin works. You just hit the same URL. Or, if you’re on CommandBox, simply use the nice little icon in your system tray and click “Open” > “Server Admin” and CommandBox will open the admin for you. Adding a datasource manually in Lucee’s admin is basically the same as doing it in Adobe CF. The UI just looks a bit different.