Installing Lucee on AWS (EC2 or Lightsail)

Hi All,

My first post here so please go easy! :slight_smile:

I’m a long time CF developer who is trying to master AWS, I’ve recently setup a static site using S3 buckets and now I’d like to get some CF sites up and running via lucee.

I’ve read a lot of old posts on the topic but I can’t seem to find a great step by step guide that works.

Any help much appreciated.


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Check out

Not much has changed from the install side, other than Lucee now does a far better job of handling the mod_proxy configuration for you.

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Many thanks Terry, having another bash at it now, will keep you posted!

Still no luck.

I’ve tried it on both the OS Only (Amazon Linux) and LAMP Stack options in Lightsail but I can never get the Apache connector part to work. On LAMP the default paths don’t exist (and when I updated them to the corresponding LAMP apache paths the install still failed).

When I tried it on the clean OS I installed Apache first so all the default paths were there but it still failed with the following error:

#Warning: Problem running post-install
step. Installation may not complete
Unknown error while running /opt/lucee/sys/ -m install -t

8888 -f /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf -c /usr/sbin/apachectl

It’s really sad to see all the other rival stack instances there and nothing you can run CF on.

I’m happy to write up a step by step afterwards as I can’t find one that works if anyone can help me through it, it’s sad to see nothing seems to exist for CF on AWS.

Finally got it working! :slight_smile:

Couple of issues:

-The curl command listed above does not work - I believe because the downloader on the lucee site performs a redirect.
-Needed to open 8888 on Lighsail firewall

and a few other minor things, writing it up now as now I know it’s pretty cool to be able to get Lucee up and running on Lightsail via the free tier


Looking fwd to seeing write-up! Indeed, would be great to see something that is documented as working to stand up CF on AWS, given there is still a ton of CF in the US Fed space and there are many efforts noting moves to solutions such as AWS.

A quick update as I’ve hit the next blockers!

I have Apache running on port 80 and lucee on 8888 and I installed mod_proxy that came with the install. I’ve been trying to follow various threads about how best to setup multiple sites via the mod_proxy method.

I have to be honest I’m slightly confused as to where all the files should sit, I’m assuming each website / app will sit under its own folder in the apache root and then any cf files are automagically processed via lucee once the mod_proxy is setup correctly, can anyone confirm if this is the correct approach please?

have you tried mod_cfml? it automates stuff

Hi Zac, thanks for your response. I haven’t tried that no as I thought Lucee came with the required nuts and bolts to get up and running.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong here but there seems to be quite a bit of tinkering needed.

My requirements are to have one box with lucee on hosting multiple sites and domains. Both apache and lucee and running ok off their respective ports and I have setup the domains via route 53.

I’d like to understand what is the preferred method for this setup as there seems to be many different options, all requiring quite a bit of setup.

I’d like to also keep the setup as simple as possible so others can follow it once I’ve written it up as I’m sure there are many people that would like to attempt this.

Thanks again I’ll have a read of modcfml for sure

I just tried the install and was looking ok but I got this msg at the end:

sudo make install
which: no apxs2 in (/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
which: no apxs in (/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin)
Makefile:8: *** No apxs found in path, set APXS = /path/to/apxs in Stop.

installing mod_cfml? try yum install httpd24-devel