Install Lucee on Ubuntu 18.04 with virtualmin


i installed Lucee on our ubuntu 18.04 server with virtualmin.
After installation i can access the lucee admin interface but if i create a new
domain and a testfile i get an error Lucee Error (missinginclude)
Page could not be found. I installed mod_cml

Here is my installation routine which i used

cd /tmp

chmod +x


I used the standard in the installation routine. As a user i entered “cfml”

Any idea what i can do? Maybe custom settings in Virtualmin?


System: Ubuntu 18.04 and Lucee

nobody uses Lucee in combination with Virtualmin?

+1 for help on this.

Did you get anywhere, Vuish?

did you actually add the user before running the script?
the script doesnt appear to check or add the user to the os

I managed to get this working. If anyone has any questions, let me know. I’ll try to help.

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i need to ask you, how you get Virtualmin and Lucee work together.
For testing i installed Lucee again as root user (testing only).
CF Pages running under each domain, but WEB-INF Folder has “root” rights and also files which i created with cffile.

I created a new user “cfusr” and changed the lucee user from “root” to “cfusr”.
After restarting, I cannot access .cfm files under the previously used URLs.
Page /test.cfm [/opt/lucee/tomcat/webapps/ROOT/test.cfm] not found

I think i need to change the user rights for “cfusr” or groups correctly.
Do you have any usggestions and a short guide what i need to do, that i can get lucee running correctly without using root?
I tried some tutorials without look. The tutorials mostly have not detailed explanation how to setup the user and group rights correctly on a multidomain hosting enviroment.

It would be great if you could tell me what i need to do.

Thank you very much!

Hi @Vuish

You can’t access it, because you’ve created the Lucee installation with root, so these files/directories belong to “root”. Your new user cfuser probably don’t have read/write permissions to those files/directories.

You need to change permissions of those directories/files for your cfusr also.

Keep in mind that just giving permissions to your webapps/ROOT files probably won’t suffice, because the user (cfusr) running Tomcat will also need read/write permissions for many other files/folders (i.e. for logging).

I managed to get it running by having Lucee run as ‘root’. I didn’t try another permissions/user setup myself. Why not try running as root? Good luck!

Running Lucee/Tomcat as root is the simpliest solution for almost any permission issue, but it’s not a good advice.

By running Tomcat/Lucee as root you are running every single code in Luceec with the highest privilege. Any flaw in your app or third party tools Lucee initiates/fires may get god access to your OS, data, and also to any other sensitive network service implemeted on that system.

Just imagine running as root if a zero-day-exploit like imageTragick exploit gets disclosed?

Easiest fix on UBUNTU / DEBIAN

Run lucee as www-data

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thanks all for your feedback.
I get it to work. Not perfect, but ok for the moment.

I still have some issues, so the configuration is not perfectly clear.
It would be great to have a better documentation / description to get Lucee running correctly with Apache.

My current solution and problems.
The new Lucee user cfusr get the rights for every website that Lucee is allowed to use. In addition, I have assigned the Lucee user “cfusr” to each website. Files that I create with Lucee are now written with the user cfusr. The website user also has rights to these files. In Virtualmin, every website has its own user. Normaly files are written with this user.
This is the only solution I could find at the moment.

I have another problem. htaccess password protection are ignored by .cfm pages. Forwarding rules for SSL will be ignored. It seems, that .cfm pages will ignore Apache rules.

I would be happy to have another idea :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

any tipps or solutions?
With Adobe ColdFusion it works very easy. I would be happy if I can implement it similarly with Lucee.