Inspect Templates: Never - does not seem to be working

Hi, we use the “Inspect Templates: Never” setting on our production servers for performance. But lately I’ve been noticing it’s not working.

If I create a test.cfm file and put “Hello” in it and browse it it, it works.
If I change that string to “Hello2” and refresh the page, I might see “Hello” or I might see “Hello2”, but if I keep refreshing I will for sure see “Hello2” in 5-10 seconds. I can continue to repeat this as I change the string in the test.cfm file.

I tracked this down to the “healthcheck” page we have for our load balancer to call to make sure Lucee is up and running. That page does make a call to inspectTemplates(), but it’s in a different application. (different application name in Application.cfc).

So it appears that although the docs say inspectTemplates() only applies to the current application, it doesn’t appear to behaving that way.

Am I understanding correctly? Is there something I can do differently so that calling inspectTemplates() from the healthcheck application does not reset everything on the entire server?

OS: Windows
Java Version: 11.0.23
Tomcat Version: 9.0.89
Lucee Version:

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We ended up re-architecting our application a bit to work around this bug. I am guessing the issue is related to the fact that our “healthcheck” application (which is the one that calls inspectTemplates) is in a sub folder under our main application. (It has it’s own application.cfc and applicationName).

I noticed that it is invalidating the cache for that main application, but not other applications on the same server.

We changed the healthcheck to work differently so that a call to inspectTemplates is not necessary. Instead we check the status of some text files in the same directory, which adds additional disk i/o overhead, but I think it’s negligible.

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