Improving how debug logs are stored

something on our roadmap is being able to turn off debugging per request


I would also support “throwing away” oldest debug logged entries when memory pressure is high. I’m sure that’s a naïve ask. I’ve run into issues with debugging turned on before, knew better, and still got tripped up by it because I didn’t check the context settings.

you mean like this? [LDEV-2106] - Lucee :slight_smile:

I’d also like to support not just storing debug logs in ram! [LDEV-2673] - Lucee

as you can see, it’s one of my favourite topics!"debugging"

@Gert loves this too, we often chat about it and he says, this would be great, I’m like, I think I filed a ticked about that already???


I appreciate the confirmation of my working theory that it’s in memory only.

Ideas / dreaming:

  • What if that setting made mention “These logs are stored in memory”

  • What if, when memory hits threshold (> ~95% ? ) Lucee could evict debugging logs? Ideally explain: “Lucee ran out of memory, logs (or log detail) was evicted to help prevent a crash”

Sorry for getting OT to the OP’s already resolved topic. Feel free to split the last 3-4 posts to a new topic: Debugging Logs and memory usage