Importing Lucee Into Eclipse

I’ve imported Lucee from github into Eclipse (2021-09 4.21.0) successfully on ubuntu 20.04.

Eclipse is complaining about a whole host of java problems so I’m concerned that my config is incorrect.

Unbound classpath container: ‘JRE System Library [Java 10.0.2 JDK]’ in project ‘Lucee core’|Lucee core||Build path|Build Path Problem|

What settings should be set to what JDK versions? Any guidance to configuring Eclipse for Lucee would be really appreciated. I have openjdk 8,11 and 17 installed.

Lucee 6.0 is the only project in this workspace.

The Lucee project and the core and loader subprojects all have project Java Build Path and Java Complier settings.

How should they be configured and what JDK/JREs should be available?

Fwiw, I have similar issues but in VsCode. The main error is Project 'core' is missing required Java project: 'Lucee loader'