Images are not found

Not sure what’s going on.

I have a local web site on my PC.

It is in the ROOT folder in Tomcat as normal.

But for some reason, none of my JPG images will show up even though the Path is correct UNLESS I include the Port Number.


Are you only using Tomcat? No Web server?
How are you formatting your src= on the tag?
Can you provide and example.


Yes I’m using Apache 2.4

So you are pointing your Apache website at your Tomcat ROOT?
Usually you just make a regular Apache website. Then mod_cfml/proxy will handle passing cfm/cfc to Tomcat.
If you put port like 8888 you are bypassing Apache and getting the image from Tomcat.

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YOU Sir are a Web Genius!!

You solved the problem for me! THANK YOU!

You asked where I was pointing the Apache Document ROOT and so I looked and I had set it to /Xampp/htdocs

Once I copied the files needed to the exact named directory in /xampp/htdocs it worked perfectly.

Thank you for your help and for resolving the issue !