Image tags and libvips

I noticed an extension by preside that upgraded some image functionality to libvips.

Is this something that Lucee 6 should be looking at for performance increases in image tags?

Preside Libvips extension
libvips/libvips: A fast image processing library with low memory needs. (

RE: HEIC/HEIF Support: I was considering using Libvips with Adobe ColdFusion. I’m currently using ImageMagick to convert HEIC/HEIF to JPG. (I also use GraphicsMagick, but it doesn’t currently support HEIC.) The Libvips developer reached out to me on Twitter and stated that his library was faster. I installed it, tested it and immediately discovered that it didn’t even have HEIC support. I reported back he indicated that they don’t have precompiled binaries available for download and that it’d have to be built manually (and instructions are available). I couldn’t get it to work. :frowning:

It doesn’t look like the Preside extension supports HEIC/HEIF since the installation instructions indicate that it’s expected that “Libvips is already installed on the server” and developers would have to do that on their own.

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Support for HEIC images

libvips now has heifload and heifsave — load and save for HEIC images. This is the new image compression standard being used by Apple and others. HEIC files are typically half the size of JPEG files at similar quality.

It uses the very nice libheif library and, as well as suporting HEIC, should support a range of formats on the way which are expected to use the heif container.

There is a windows binary build here: Release v8.12.2 · libvips/build-win64-mxe · GitHub (use -all version)

but as you said if you want HEIC on linux, then you’ll need to build it with the modules as per instructions, it’s a problem i guess for a licenced format… they do support jpeg-xl ,but that doesn’t help with those that use god aweful apple devices (only a huge issue in USA, as rest of world seems to mostly be buying android)

the package that contains the ‘all’ keyword, not web contains all of the loadable modules in including for HEIC

there is also a java interface to libvips here : codecitizen/jlibvips: A Java Interface for libvips: