Image Extension BETA

Image Extension is available for testing

  • fixes some locking issues on windows
  • major refactoring
  • optional support for commercial Jdeli and/or Apose Imaging jars when available in the classpath (i.e /lib dir)
  • Latest Twelve Monkeys 3.9.3 (including lossless WEBP support) previous was 3.8.2

JDeli for example supports HEIC images

Version 2 will bundled with Lucee 6.0, but it also works with Lucee 5.3

We will be backporting the image locking fixes to the 1.0 branch, which is a blocker for the 5.3.10 release


If you’d like to see (free) support for more modern image formats in Lucee, please consider donating towards the Twelve Monkeys ImageIO project