IIS - "The page isn't redirecting properly"

OS: windows server 2012
Java Version: 11.0.6 (AdoptOpenJDK) 64bit
Tomcat Version: Apache Tomcat/9.0.31
Lucee Version: Lucee

My Lucee site on tomcat works fine. That site is on port 8888. I added another host in server.xml for my iis site that uses internal IP

The site has the .cfc, .cfm, .jsp lucee handlers setup and in the root of my iis web site there is a bin folder with the boncode files. I have another IIS site for ColdFusion. I removed the ISAPI handler and handlers for coldfusion in the lucee IIS web site.

When hitting this test page

I get this in the URL

and an error page which says “The page isn’t redirecting properly”

The only log which shows anything is

which shows - [30/Mar/2020:16:54:46 -0400] “GET /test.cfm?&&&& HTTP/1.1” 307 -

repeating a dozen + times and each time it appends a “&__”

Any ideas of what to do / check ?

Hi, is there any type of url rewrite active on your IIS? What happens with a simple static file that is not redirected via handler module to tomcat (e.g. image file)? Does it load correctly? Or does it happen the same way? And you are saying you are using on Adobe Coldfusion Website in parallel with one Lucee Website. Do they share the same webroot?

No, there are no URL REWRITES.

Any other regular htm file loads properly.

No I am not using Adobe ColdFusion on the same website. Its just installed on the same machine as Lucee.

No, the website for Adobe CF is on a completely different root then Lucee. They do not share any of the same files.

Having the exact same problem.

Did you resolve this?

Resolved this myself… For future reference anyone visiting this thread, I used the excellent video tutorials here to resolve this issue:

Step 4 was the key.

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@dlegate As the creator of the installing video guide and that docs section, I feel truly honoured about your post. Thanks!!! It was hard work, because I’ve tried to show it from a zero starting point and keep it straight forward, self-explanatory and show all the very common/typical issues dealing with an installation. Glad it helped you!


@andreas Well, thank you so kindly! Those videos really did the trick!

I kept trying my page between each step to see which one was the trick! haha

I really liked that you help us get rid of things MS installs by default that we really don’t need.

I know I left a lot of stuff on in Adobe CF because I just didn’t know better, or thought they were all required.

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