IIS, Lucee, and a very strange website

I have multiple websites running on my computer, but I have one that is acting very strange.

runs on http, unassigned, 80

setup just like my others except it does not act like them. For some reason, despite what I put in IIS, its trying to say its webroot is C:\inetpub\ when its really C:\inetpub\scans.company.com . Doesn’t seem to respect the physical path I put in.

Is there a place I can manually change this to get it out of this funk?

Also adding to this, it is happening on all new websites. They aren’t getting WEB-INF and the lucee files, or the Lucee IIS configuration. Appears mod_cfml may have died? Any ideas how I can fix it?

Have you tried a restart of IIS / iisreset?

check file permissions for the path.

Try removing the periods from the path. I had a problem very similar to this a long time ago, and maybe it’s still an issue in IIS.

How was Lucee installed?
Using the standard installer or manually?

You may have turned off mod_cfml and at one point registered manual contexts? If so, you will have to add new sites manually as well?


Thanks. Ultimately restarting IIS worked. Not sure what caused it to go down in the first place. Think its the second time I have run into this. Fortunately I haven’t run into this on production yet.