IIS 7+, 404 error and flex2gateway

This appears a source of frustration based on the posts I’ve seen with no
clear answer I could actually find - so I thought I’d post the answer here.

Providing your connector is setup correctly, so you can run cf pages via
IIS, and you know blazeDS is running correctly, so you’re getting the
expected white screen when going to …:8888/flex2gateway - but through IIS:
…/flex2gateway - you see a 404 error - then this is for you.

First, create a directory at root: flex2gateway
Next, under Handler Mappings for your site, add a managed handler with a
request path of: flex2gateway - edit the request restrictions and map to
a folder. The type of your handler should match the *.cfc or *.cfm handler
you should already see - so: BonCodeIIS.BonCodeCallHandler…

This ensures that calls to /flex2gateway/ are being mapped correctly.

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Does this look right?

Thank you for posting this. It help me to resolve the issue I was working for weeks !